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What's up with the repeating articles? I was thinking of subscribing to this, but looked through some old issues first. They seem to feature the same people over and over again within the same year! Also, it looks like it's now geared toward pre-teens. There are hardly any older teens in there now, only 11-year-old kids of famous people or people in the fashion industry!

Ex. the current cover model was just in the Oct issue! [I'm sorry but....] She's not that fascinating to warrant two articles (within two months) in one year!
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i love wearing my jeans baggy, but i need at least one pair of jeans that actually fit me. but i have really wide set hips, "35, and i can't find a pair of pants that fit me in the hips and the thighs. i could wear a zero, if only my hips weren't as wide set, so i'm very unproportioned. do any of you know any brands i should check out? i don't really care about price, i can always search on ebay if a new pair is too expensive.